Thai Spice

April 2004

Open nine months, Thai Spice competes against a number of good Thai restaurants in Falls Church. It is a small, colorful place with lovely Thai artifacts. Offering traditional and innovative dishes, the restaurant acquits itself very well, particularly with the old favorites.

Good appetizers are the crispy spring rolls, the papaya salad, the room-temperature and spicy Thai Spice Steak with roasted garlic, and the mussels samui–eight plump mussels carefully laid out on a plate with ginger and garlic and a coating of white wine and lemon juice. Good traditional main courses are chicken with basil; green curry with meat and string beans, eggplant, bamboo shoots, and basil leaves; and pad Thai. Very satisfying is the unusual spicy shrimp pasta, made with fresh linguine or spaghetti along with a spicy red sauce with mushrooms. The restaurant has a short but impressive wine list.