Pan-Asian noodles and sushi are on the menu at this dining room/carryout.

From June 2005 Cheap Eats

Perhaps to broaden its appeal and make it more like its sister restaurant, Spices in Cleveland Park, Oodles Noodles changed its name two years ago to Nooshi–a combination of noodles and sushi. A sushi bar was added in the front of the restaurant. The sushi is fine–no better than you'd find in any number of downtown sushi bars–but the real reason to go here is the noodles. The noodle dishes hail from all across Asia but manage a remarkable authenticity. Creamy, coconut-flavored Curry Laska, spicy Phuket Noodles, comforting pad Thai, curry-flavored Singapore Noodles, Drunken Noodles with minced chicken and peppers–it's easy to find reasons to return again and again.