Pho Hiep Hoa

Soft tendon, eye of round, bible tripe–lovers of pho (pronounced "phuh") will find the usual combination of the familiar and exotic at Hiep Hoa, plus fatty and well-done brisket, skirt flank, and Vietnamese meatballs. You can have this steaming beef noodle soup with several meats or none (plain noodle is available, too). The plate of sprouts and fresh herbs to personalize your pho is a given, but be sure to order hanh dam–pickled onion–so you can add another jolt of flavor to the bowl.

Fizzy fresh lemon soda or coffee with sweetened condensed milk are the traditional drinks. Not in the mood for soup? Go for the savory plate of pork chops with fried eggs and broken rice.

Pho Hiep Hoa, 2211-A University Blvd. W.; 301-933-7660. Atmosphere: Typical pho parlor with high ceilings, chopsticks on the tables, some communal tables, minimal decor. Entrées: $4.50 to $7.45. Bottom line: Comfort food Vietnamese-style. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.