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‘Sex and the City’ Actor Saved by Good Samaritan

Find John Corbett’s ID and Get $100 for Beer.

Fame can get you into the White House, but it’s really hard to get on a plane without photo ID.

Actor/singer John Corbett made it to his country concert gig in Indiana thanks to UC-Berkeley student Daniel Broukhim.

Broukhim, in DC for the semester interning at the Department of Commerce, was walking to work in late September when he noticed a California driver’s license on the ground near 15th and Constitution.

After picking it up, he realized it belonged to Corbett, best known for his roles in Sex and the City and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Thanks to a quick Web search, Broukhim contacted Corbett, who showed up at the UC building on Scott Circle.

Corbett had been headed to the White House that afternoon with girlfriend Bo Derek, an active Republican, to meet with Laura Bush when he realized he was missing his ID. While Corbett did make it into the White House, he was grateful to have the license returned in time for his flight.

When Corbett and Derek met up with Broukhim on Monday evening, Corbett exchanged high-fives with the good samaritan and left him with $100 “beer money.”