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Best Indoor Track

Pound the indoor pavement at Wayne K. Curry Sport and Learning Center

Get off the treadmill and try running at the Wayne K. Curry Sport and Learning Center (8001 Sheriff Rd., Landover; 301-583-2400; pgsportsan Jay Wind, Potomac Valley Trek Club secretary and Arlington Sun-Gazette sports columnist, says the 200-meter track is softer and more shock-absorbent than the track at Thomas Jefferson Community Center (3501 S. Second St., Arlington; 703-228-5920), the only other indoor track open to the public.

Three more ways Curry beats TJ: Runners may use spikes in competition, there are six lanes instead of four, and there are pole-vaulting facilities. It’s open to the public weekdays 6 to noon and 4 to 9 pm, Saturdays 8 to noon if there are no events.