Our Favorite Things: Trader Joe’s Three-Layer Hummus

Tasty, and way better for you than Mexican layer dip.

The humble chickpea has reached its heyday. Hummus has become a grocery staple—as evidenced by the countless brands and flavors available in the supermarket. Garlic tahini. Dill. Roasted red pepper. Garden vegetable. Tomato basil. Spicy chipotle. Lemon pepper. I’ve tried ‘em all. One that stands out above the masses—and allows for multiple flavor sampling in just one container—is Trader Joe’s three-layer hummus.

I tend to dig in to get a generous sweep from the cilantro-flecked bottom layer—a yummy flavor that most other brands haven’t yet tapped into. But the more common flavors of the middle and top layers, classic and red pepper, are top-notch too. The consistency is a somewhere between a dip and a spread, and isn't like some hummus varieties that have been pureed to a texture reminiscent of baby food. Distinct chickpea flavor comes through in each layer.

It’s good with wholesome carrot and celery sticks as well as less-virtuous tortilla chips. Trader’s tasty multi-grain pita chips are a perfect compromise.

Trader Joe's Three-Layer Hummus, $1.79 for an eight-ounce container at area Trader Joe's stores.