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University Presidents’ Salaries

How much do local university presidents make? We have their paycheck info.

It might have been American University president Ben Ladner’s outrageous expenses that made headlines last year, but new numbers from the Chronicle of Higher Education’s survey of university presidents show that his area colleagues weren’t hurting for cash. Two noteworthy exceptions: Catholic University’s Very Rev. David M. O’Connell seems to have taken a vow of poverty, and George Mason’s Alan Merten is the lowest-paid president in the Virginia system by almost half.

Here’s how they did:

AU’s Ladner: $881,696

GWU’s Stephen Tractenberg: $719,159

UVa’s John Casteen III: $677,980

Gallaudet’s I. King Jordan: $602,248

Georgetown’s John DeGioia: $565,578

UMd’s C.D. Mote Jr.: $432,539

Catholic’s O’Connell: $236,562 (paid to religious order)

UDC’s William Pollard: $235,665

GMU’s Merten: $228,543

Figures describe 2004–05 total compensation, including salary, deferred payments, allowances, and bonuses.

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