Skin Savvy Spa Express

When a spa has “express” in its name, it’s probably not a place you’ll want to spend the day. But it sounded like a quick fix.

I went to Skin Savvy for the Anti-Stress Express-Facial. For $45, my face would be cleansed in 30 minutes flat.

It’s a small place, tucked on the third floor of a Dupont Circle rowhouse, so it took a few calls, during business hours, to get someone on the phone. When I went in, the friendly woman at the front desk knew my name. Soft music and pastel blue walls relaxed me as I filled out a questionnaire.

My attendant, Chris, led me through a glass door and past the nails room, where a cozy brick fireplace was lit by candles. (The room is now used for facials.) My door was a white drape; only a wooden partition separated me from the next bed.

Chris had a bubbly personality—she came in saying, “Okie, dokie, artichoky.” She talked just enough to tell me about the mask and the creams she would be applying. Midway through, she asked if I was okay. I was enjoying it, but I could have gone without the steam that was pointed at my face for most of my facial.

I was surprised when my time was up. Chris politely reminded me that a “mini” doesn’t include extractions. For that, you need the $70, one-hour Deep Cleansing Facial.

I’m tempted to linger next time and try the Mini De-Stress Package: the facial, a 25-minute massage, and a hand paraffin treatment $100—a good value. 

Note: Walk-ins welcome.