Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon & Spa, Bethesda

Red Door at Wildwood is a beautiful addition to the area’s day spas.

When the Red Door opened its newest salon, in Bethesda’s Wildwood Shopping Center, the ladies’ dressing room was so crowded that half a dozen naked women were practically touching as we got ready for our treatments. On a subsequent visit, things had calmed down. But even on that early visit, calm ensued when I put on the Robe.

Arden’s spa robe is made of luxurious brushed cotton, backed with fine terrycloth. It is so nice, I was tempted to buy one, even at $160. Alas, no one (husband, are you listening?) took the hint at Christmas.

This is not your grandmother’s Elizabeth Arden. The friendly, professional staff works in a stylish oasis of dark wood, brushed steel, and hot red accents. My massage therapists have been talented and caring. The posh waiting area, with its red feather wreath, may make you feel like Catherine Zeta-Jones, featured in all her glory in Arden’s current ad campaign.