O’Hair Salon & Spa

An attractive, user-friendly spa where you can get a wonderful facial-massage combo.

O’Hair Salon & Spa is airy and spare, with stone floors and sunlight streaming through the windows. Upstairs is a busy hair salon; downstairs is the spa, with a small changing room, a charming cafe table, a buffet with tea and water, and treatment rooms, including one where you can “spa” with a friend.

After donning an elasticized velvety white towel, crisp seersucker robe, and plastic slides, I headed to one of the facial rooms for my 90-minute Plaisir de Sens ($125), billed as a facial with stone massage.

Stones, pebbles, and gemstones are used in creative ways: tucked between toes and fingers, under muscles of the back, down the center of the stomach, and to massage temples, shoulders, neck, and back. At the same time, fragrant exfoliants, masks, and moisturizers are applied to the face, making for a transporting experience.

I’m not a fan of stone massages, which have always left me feeling: “Is that all?” This was an exception. In addition to the stones and pebbles, Mon was also doing marvelous things with her hands—Swedish massage strokes as well as more intense shiastu. I was so relaxed that even the click-clacking of heels on that stone floor upstairs didn’t faze me.

Best of all was the placard at the front desk declaring the spa as a “nontipping” environment, which means therapists don’t accept or expect tips.

To gild the lily, a few days after the treatment, there was a follow-up call to make sure I was pleased with my visit.