Roxsan Stonewater Spa & Boutique

A good value if silence is not mandatory. Appropriate to its milieu, Roxsan has an alluring gift shop.

If you can get past the movie crowd—literally—at White Flint Mall, you will be glad you found Roxsan.

The brochure promises the $75, 50-minute Swedish massage will produce the “deepest of calm to your being.” So true. I could have slept for six hours when it was over.

My massage therapist, Karla, was relaxed and friendly, to just the right point. As I chatted, she answered minimally and let things quiet down naturally. I appreciated this as much as the heated bed. Soft music blurred most of the sounds from the other side of the wall, and I fell in and out of that neither-here-nor-there zone of consciousness. Karla knew what areas needed work without my telling her.

Roxsan’s open waiting area has a sign reminding clients to turn off cell phones and leave children elsewhere. Unfortunately, this should-be serene space is close enough to the pedicure chairs that I got a lesson in blackjack while I drank my postmassage herbal tea.