Mixologist Todd Thrasher's ultra-cool speakeasy.

From “Best of Washington” December 2006

Best '20s Throwback

Modeled after a 1920s speakeasy, PX has no sign—just a blue light beside a plain door around the corner from Eamonn’s. When the light is illuminated—and you’re dressed to impress (cocktail attire is requested)—a hostess will greet you at the door and lead you upstairs to what looks like a wealthy friend’s living room.

Mixologist Todd Thrasher—the man behind the drinks at Eamonn’s sister establishment, Restaurant Eve—has created a menu of sophisticated cocktails, from a mojito with Champagne instead of rum to the Mule, a mix of Ketel 1 vodka and spicy ginger ale served in a chilled copper cup. Even the ice at PX is unconventional—1¼-inch-square cubes for most drinks and flavored ice for others, such as tonic-water cubes in Thrasher’s Yin and Tonic. All juices and some sodas are house-made, and Cathal Armstrong—chef at Eamonn’s and Eve—makes the tasty spiced nuts.

With plush couches beneath the dim light of chandeliers, PX feels more like an intimate cocktail party than a bar. Like a true speakeasy, it has no phone number; for information, call Eamonn’s at 703-299-8384.


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