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Free Yoga at DC Yoga Week

If you’re like me, yoga, as an exercise seems both incredibly appealing and vaguely terrifying. Not only does your body have to contort in strange ways, which is particularly scary when you haven’t been able to touch your toes since 1998, but often, the price tag on a string of yoga classes can be enough to put you off.

Not this week, though! Starting Saturday, May 12 and going through Friday, May 18, it’s the second annual DC Yoga Week. There are 14 participating studios, each of which is offering free and $5 classes, plus assorted workshops and other discounted sessions. For example, over at Somafit (2121 Wisconsin Ave. NW), both yoga and spa packages are 10% off, and various studios are offering discounts on yoga gear as well as classes. For a full list of participating studios, read below. And happy downwards dogging.
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