Dirt Cheap Eats 2007: Napoleon Bakery

Cafes & Carryouts

Seoul meets Paris in this Korean patisserie and cake shop where the self-serve baskets hold rows of neatly wrapped pastries ($1.50 to $3.95). While the Gallic offerings—croissants, madeleines, brioches—are lovely, Americanized treats are very good, too: sugared doughnuts filled with sweet white-bean paste; corn-flecked biscuits; crisp puff bread with a cinnamon-and-honey-glazed interior.

Don’t miss the hamburger bun studded with crushed peanuts and filled with mousse­like buttercream. Most everything is packaged to go, but you can sip a bubble tea or tuck into a dish of fruit bingsu—shaved ice topped with ripe berries and kiwi—at a small cluster of tables.