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Great Small Towns

Pretty country spots, cool mountain retreats, waterfront treasures, lively college towns, and low-cost places on the rise.

Mountain High Life
A small university makes West Virginia’s oldest town a hot spot for culture and fun.

New Country Living
In this Blue Ridge Mountain town, bluegrass, hiking, and organic produce come together, but you don’t have to do without an acupuncturist.

The Next Middleburg?
With a new brasserie, a spa, and quaint shops, a country town near Charlottesville takes on the sophistication of the famous Hunt Country outpost.

Waterfront Hideaway
Tucked into the corner of the Delmarva Peninsula, this Colonial-era town is all but forgotten—which makes for easy living and good real-estate deals.

Turnaround Town
An old railroad hub finds new life in the arts and the mountains.