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Sidewalk Style: Alisa Shteynshleyger

In this week’s Sidewalk Style, we stop a stylish spectator at DC’s Fashion Week shows.

Alisa Shteynshleyger, 25
Does marketing for Paris Hilton

What are you wearing?
“A Marc Jacobs cardigan and shirt, Tsubi jeans, and Loeffler Randall boots.”

How would you describe your style?

Favorite designers?
“Marni, Loeffler Randall, Chloé, Stella McCartney.”

What do you think about style in Washington? And what do you think about the show tonight?
“I grew up here and now I live in New York. DC has a bad rap for not being fashionable, but fashion here is informed by the city . . . and DC is generally conservative.”

Favorite designer here tonight?
“Tsyndyma! She is a friend of mine, and her clothes are very beautiful and wearable.”

Rachel says:
My favorite thing about her outfit is the sweater. I love that she pairs the bold stripes of the sweater with a shirt that has smaller-scale, pale stripes. It adds a lot of visual interest and playful texture to the look. Her red nails add a punch of unexpected color.
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