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Top Blog Posts of the Week

Miss out on some of our blog posts from this week? Worry not—we're here to fill you in on what the most popular blog posts were from the past seven days. See below for our top five.Where & When: What to Do This Weekend
There are a hundred and one great Cherry Blossom activities this weekend—plus lots more, including a Budweiser block party (with the Clydesdale horses!), a vaudeville festival, and tons of great concerts.

Ten-Minute Gourmet: Patrick O'Connell's "Five-P" Pasta
In the hope of finding some really good quick and delicious recipes, we’ve created a new feature, the Ten-Minute Gourmet.

Go-To Guy Lanny Breuer Seems a Bargain
Covington & Burling’s Lanny Breuer is the newest go-to lawyer in a crisis, and he’s with a firm that seems to be remaking itself as one of the nation’s best after several decades of what might charitably be called “malaise.”

Post Watch: Wilbon's Problem Isn't Tony, It's Cheesecake
Mike Wilbon after a heart attack is the same prolific sports columnist and TV talking head—minus the doughnuts. And the fried chicken. And the ribs.

Bring on the Bings: How Local Restaurants Are Celebrating the Cherry Blossoms
We caught a sneak peek at some of the cherry-blossom-inspired cuisine (and drinks) on the menus of 54 eateries. Some chefs are offering tasting menus based entirely on cherries and their blossoms, while others created a single dish inspired by the fruit.