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Buzzed: Mounds Bar Martini at Banana Cafe

Buzzed is a feature where we scout out Washington’s most interesting drinks. This week, we try out the Mounds Bar Martini.

The spot: Banana Cafe & Piano Bar, 500 Eighth St., SE; 202-543-5906

The drink: Mounds Bar Martini, a simple cocktail made with Cruzan rum and white crème de cacao, served chilled

The price: $9

First impression
: Elegant, crystal clear, and served in a martini glass—not exactly what you’d expect for a concoction named after a candy bar. Unfortunately, at first sip, the drink bowls you over with an intense coconut flavor reminiscent of sunscreen-filled days at the beach. Nice on the sand, not in your mouth.

Lasting impression: Though the mixed drink left no discernible aftertaste, its smell, noticeable from a distance, made it difficult to imbibe. The white crème de cacao, added to enhance the chocolate element of the candy bar, couldn’t be tasted, hidden as it was by the overpowering coconut rum flavor.

Grade: C-

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