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Good morning, Washington! This is what we're reading around the web in Washington this AM.

There was an earthquake yesterday! Rare for this area. We ask in our poll: Did you feel it?

It's an expensive city to live in, but turns out DC's also costly to visit. "At $350 a day for two adults, D.C. ranks sixth on the list of the most expensive vacation cities in the U.S., according to the 2008 edition of AAA's Annual Vacation Costs Survey."

What's Up Arlington writes about an upcoming walking tour through "seedy Arlington history."

Creative DC recommends heading to the grand opening soiree of the new location of Tranquil Space Yoga.

Did you know about Bit-o-Lit? It's  "a booklet-sized magazine that is handed out for free to commuters in Washington, DC as they board the bus or train on Monday evenings." Find out more here.

dcBeer writes about summer beer festivals coming our way.

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