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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Jenna Bush is getting married this weekend down in Crawford, Texas. And somehow, we weren't invited. Sniff. Rather than cry over spilled Champagne, we’ve devoted our day to soaking up every last scrap of news and speculation about the big event. But, Jenna? If we had come, we would have added our names to the biggest present there. Here's our roundup on all things Jenna-wedding.

Apparently some glossy publications are discovering that politics, is like, hot. And interesting. Well, duh!

Artomatic opens tonight, notes GP Living. Get details on that, and more weekend ideas, in our weekend nightlife guide.  

The City Paper tries Teasim's famous salty oat cookie and finds it lacking. (And no, we sure as heck aren't aping Carman's style!)

DC Metblogs discusses how to win over a New Yorker.

So Good tries out some astronaut ice cream. Verdict?

Listopad tips us off to a cool event at Marvin.