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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

It's the weekend! Check out our guide to weekend nightlife for ideas on things to do from Thursday until Sunday. Honestly, there’s almost too much going on this weekend. A poolside happy hour, the House of Sweden party, a Greek festival, dragon-boat racing, beer and food festivals . . . the list goes on and on. Read on for all those and more.

Remember: Today is free iced coffee day from Dunkin Donuts. Tasty!

Careful on the roads out there—D.C. ranks fifth in the nation in terms of road rage, according to a recently-released study.

Terrible news: Fantastic local summer music series Fort Reno is being closed down because the soil at its location in upper Northwest was found to have high levels of arsenic. One commenter wonders, "This is a terrible decision. People don't go to Fort Reno shows to eat dirt, they go to rock out. Something tells me this is just a convenient excuse absolve the park service from some perceived liability at the expense of a beloved institution."

This blogger has a solution for those affected by the Great Radiohead Nissan Pavilion Disaster of Spring 2008.

And this blogger says anybody who goes to see a show at Nissan deserves what they get.

Tysons Mall is debuting three new stores.

And just because pandas are cute, you get this link.

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