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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Our Best Bargain Restaurants issue hits newsstands this week, but for an exclusive insider scoop on the city's best cheap eats,  we've gathered a special panel: Etete's Yared Tesfaye, Cafe Pizzaiolo's Larry Ponzi and KBQ's Kerry Britt will be hosting a chat at 11.

Yesterday, the Nation's J Street blog launched a new weekly feature which takes a critical look at the editorial pages of the Washington Post. "Great!" was our initial response, but then we noticed the feature's name and began to panic. "Has Jaffe jumped ship?" we yelled while running around the office in search of a copy of our latest issue. "He is quite the vlog star these days." To our relief, when we finally found a copy of the magazine, Jaffe and his monthly column were still there. Phew!

Let's not get our hopes up yet, but the arsenic levels found in the soil at Fort Reno may be lower than what was initially reported. More testing of the soil has been done and results are expected tomorrow.

Fear for your life when crossing the 14th and U street intersection late night on weekends?The Department of Transportation is set to spend $12 million on new pedestrian safety initiatives that will include the installation of rapid-flash beacons along the more dangerous intersections in the city.

Maryland's highest court has overturned a decision to grant child visitation rights to a woman previously engaged in a same-sex partnership. The court ruled that the woman, who lived with and helped raise the child, was not recognized as a "de facto" parent by the state's laws.

D.C. police officers dismissed on charges of lying, falsifying documents, and accessing personal files without authorization have been reinstated because the internal affairs unit missed the deadline for decisions on sanctions.

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