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Chatting with Local Music Venue Bookers

Three area talent bookers will join us for a chat on Friday to talk about their job, tell us what bands they'd like to see in DC, and more.

Here at After Hours, we can't think of someone with whom we'd like to switch places for a day more than a talent booker. Think about it: Deciding what music is cool and dictating it to the masses? We've only been dreaming of possessing such power since middle school, when our soon-to-be-ex-best friend laughed at our Spice Girls t-shirt (we were totally being ironic by wearing it, OK?).

Obviously, there's more to one's job as a talent booker than being an arbiter of cool. There are contracts to be negotiated, publicists to track down, and new talent to discover. You also have to deal with special requests from artists, and if you thought diva demands were saved for the likes of Mariah, Celine and J.Lo, you were wrong.

To tell us more about the perks and responsibilities of being a talent booker (and, we hope, to dish on the biggest diva bands out there), three area talent bookers will join us for a chat on Friday. Daniel Brindley of Jammin' Java, Vicki Savoula of the Black Cat, and Steve Lambert of the Rock and Roll Hotel, DC9 and the Red and the Black will take any questions you might have at 11 AM. Want to know how they decide who's playing their  clubs? What bands they'd like to see in DC? What it's like dealing with rock stars? Submit a question here

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