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She's hot. They're not.

The Post’s Marc Fisher said goodbye to his radio-centric column The Listener with a thoughtful look at radio’s golden past and its uncertain future. It’s not hard to take the column as an eulogy to radio as a medium itself: As Fisher points out, radio’s role as “a place where listeners could believe themselves to be part of an unseen community of like-minded people,” has been taken over by blogs and the Internet.

•Anyone catch last night’s performance by Coldplay at the MTV Movie Awards? If colored confetti is what the band’s live performance is about these days, EMI has good reason to worry.

• A fire broke out early Sunday morning on a soundstage at Universal Studios, destroying the Courthouse Square set (named after the use of the space in Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future) and the King King attraction. The studio’s New York set and a vault with thousands of videos were also badly damaged.

New York Times magazine had a lengthy profile on Tyra Banks this weekend. Among the piece’s funnier bits is Bank’s claim to have perfected the art of 275 different smiles. The piece’s accompanying video, which illustrates some of the smiles, is flat-out fierce (and hysterical).

• Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent passed away Sunday at the age of 71. He’ll be remembered by many as the man responsible for introducing pantsuits and sheer blouses to women’s basic wardrobe. He’ll be remembered by us as the man responsible for our mother’s signature smell, Opium perfume.

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