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SilverDocs Film Preview: ‘Throw Down Your Heart’ with Béla Fleck

SilverDocs is in full swing. Not sure what documentaries to catch (and which to skip)? After Hours tells you what the critics have to say.

Photograph Courtesy of FleckPaladinoFilms.

Title: Throw Down Your Heart

The Premise: Banjo-playing artist Béla Fleck travels to Africa to explore the roots of his instruments and record an album.

The Critics:
“Superb recording of Fleck’s musical encounters along with top-notch cinematography by Kirsten Johnson, put the audience right in the middle of unique aural experiences as musical styles blend and new songs are made.”—Agnes Varnum,

“… Sascha Paladino’s overlong but engaging doc about banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck’s harmonious journey through four African countries…could hit a responsive chord with auds during limited theatrical play before pic’s DVD release.”—Joe Leydon, Variety

“[Béla Fleck’s journey to explore the origins of the banjo is a] situation that would be fertile for an exploration of musical cross-pollination if Fleck exhibited any personality whatsoever.”—Andrew Beaujon, Washington City Paper

Worth the ticket? Yes. True, Fleck may not have the most engaging personality, but the film is really less about him than it is about the power of music. Fleck fans take notice, though: He’ll be performing following tonight’s screening of the film.

Showtime: 8 PM. Also on Saturday, June 21 at 10 AM.

For tickets and the full SilverDocs schedule click here.

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