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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Photo of the DC Fish Market by Flickr user Bien Stephenson

Yesterday, Todd Kliman broke the news that Barton Seaver is leaving Hook. And another restaurant development: Colorado Kitchen will be closing. Busy day in the DC restaurant world.

The Supreme Court will issue its decision on the DC handgun case today.

Penn Quarter Living muses on a sidewalk display—is it public art, or a public nuisance? 

Chocolate+science=deliciousness? Check out this fascinating story from the Post on local candy giant Mars: "To save chocolate lovers from the agony of a potential candy bar shortage, McLean candy giant Mars is investing $10 million in a five-year project to develop cacao trees that fight drought, disease and poor harvests. Mars will announce today that it is partnering with IBM and the Department of Agriculture to sequence and analyze the entire cocoa genome."

The Metro is busy these days—DCist notes that it's been breaking readership records left and right.