Things We Love: LaLoo’s Goat’s Milk Ice Cream

Laloo’s goat’s milk ice creams and yogurts are tasty and smooth.

DC’s muggy summers usually send those craving frozen treats to DC’s frosty standbys: Thomas Sweet’s for fro-yo in Georgetown, Giffords Ice Cream, and Rita’s Water Ice. But if you're looking for a new dairy option, scoop up LaLoo’s goat’s milk ice cream, which recently became available at select Balducci’s and Whole Foods.

The goats who roam 350 acres of hillside at LaLoo’s farm in Sonoma County, California give their milk not to make cheese, but ice cream, which is then paired with imaginative flavorings and packaged in colorful, flowered pints.

Rumplemint is full of curls of dark chocolate imported from Zurich and fresh mint from LaLoo’s organic garden. Molasses Tipsycake also uses real-deal ingredients: organic blackstrap molasses, whole oats, and raisins. LaLoo’s latest addition, not yet spotted in any area stores—although a LaLoo spokesperson says they’ve started shipping it to the region—is frozen yogurt. The yogurt comes in such varieties as Brownie and Clyde, made with chunks of “no-pudge” fudge brownies; Forestberry, a raspberry-blackberry flavor; and Cajeta de Leche, with Mexican caramel and Texas toffee.  

Maybe more exciting than whimsical containers and non-artificial ingredients is that goat’s milk is naturally low in fat, with around five fat grams and 150 calories per quarter container. LaLoo’s says its ice cream has better digestibility than cow’s milk (it’s also lower in lactose) and its probiotics are similar to yogurt. The ice cream is just sweet enough (its flavored with cane sugar,) but packs the tart aftertaste you’d expect from our friends who go “meh.”

Unfortunately, DCs grocers don’t keep their shelves as well-stocked with LaLoo’s as we’d like, and the variety of flavors is still pretty sparse. Deep Chocolate, Vanilla Snowflake, and Black Mission Fig are the only ones we can count on to show up regularly in the freezer aisle.

Laloo’s goat’s milk ice cream, about $6.99 a pint, is available at area Balducci’s and Whole Foods. Click here for specific store locations.


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