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What Are Your Neighbors Watching?

Netflix has unveiled a feature that allows a user to see what movies are popular in a given area and what movies are rented at above the national average. So what are Washingtonians watching?

Politics is popular in DC, and “thinking” dramas are popular in the suburbs. The top-ten lists:

The District

1. K Street: The Complete Series

2. The War Room

3. Russian Dolls

4. The Corner

5. The Spanish Apartment

6. Goodbye Lenin!

7. The Boys of Baraka

8. St. Elmo’s Fire

9. MI-5: Vol. 5

10. The West Wing: Season 6


1. Avenue Montaigne

2. The Vicar of Dibley: Wholly Happy Ending

3. Entourage: Season 3: Part 1

4. Insomnia

5. Y Tu Mamá También

6. Ira & Abby

7. Twin Peaks: Season 1

8. The Sopranos: Season 4

9. No End in Sight

10. The 400 Blows


1. Saving Grace

2. Junebug

3. Casablanca

4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

5. Taxi Driver

6. Charlie Wilson’s War

7. Volver

8. Annie Hall

9. An Inconvenient Truth

10. American Beauty

Chevy Chase

1. The Squid and the Whale

2. Captive

3. After the Wedding

4. The Dinner Game

5. Venus

6. Starting Out in the Evening

7. The Wire: Season 1

8. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

9. The Savages

10. The Darjeeling Limited

What's at the top of your Netflix queue? Tell us in the comments! 

This article appears in the July 2008 issue of Washingtonian. To see more articles in this issue, click here.

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