Foie Gras: Friend or Foe?

On Monday, June 30, the Takoma Park City Council passed a resolution to oppose the sale of foie gras in their liberal suburb, but according to DCist, no dining establishments currently serve the controversial fowl liver.

Opponents decry the foie gras-making process as abusive: ducks and geese are overfed through tubes, causing their livers to swell up to 10 times their normal size. The result is a prized delicacy that causes menu prices to skyrocket. Takoma Park council members encouraged their residents not to buy foie gras to protest animal cruelty.

The Examiner further reported the City Council's determination to outlaw the product completely. At the end of May, Chicago lifted a two-year ban on foie gras, after chefs complained it was compromising their creativity. Effective 2012, California residents will also be deprived of fattened duck livers.

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