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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Photo of the Georgetown Canal by Flickr user tzk333 

If you ever wanted to read an incredibly detailed report of what exactly Barack Obama does for a workout, you can get your fix here

Last week, Washingtonians put in their two cents on the tangy yogurt wars. This week it seems to be the war between a coffee shop and consumers—at Murky Coffee in Arlington, anyways. Suffice to say that the story is too long (and too crude!) to recap here, but DCist's got a got roundup

We interviewed Rusty, the blogger behind why.i.hate.dc last week, right before he hightailed it to Ohio. This week, his replacement, Liz, has started blogging. Go check her out. (Speaking of bloggers, stay tuned later today for our latest Blogger Beat installment.)

Guns for everybody! Well, not really. But the DC Council did approve new legislation that will allow residents to start applying for handgun permits this week.