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Good Web Sites to Search for Adoptable Pets

Animal shelters and rescue groups say most adoptions start online when potential adopters see a pet’s picture on a Web site. Here are some good sites to search for adoptable animals.

• This Web site allows for searches of adoptable dogs and cats. Users can enter a Zip code to find area shelters—there are more than 200 within 50 miles of Washington.

 • This site features options for searching adoptable pets, posting lost and found animals, finding local vets and emergency clinics, and locating pet-friendly apartments.

• This national site, focuses exclusively on dogs that are about to be euthanized. Users can search for specific breeds or locations; the results include a photo, shelter information, a description of the dog, and the euthanasia date.

• Known for its shelter and rescue finder, this local site helps potential adopters find everything from guinea pig and bird rescues to groups that foster Alaskan malamutes. It also features local pet events, pet news, and opportunities for animal activism.

• Area shelters and rescues rely on this site to get the word out about adoptable animals. Users can search by species, breed, age, size, gender, and location. Searches yield lists of adoptable animals—many with photos—and information about each animal and its shelter or foster home.

• This national site uses Zip codes to locate animals up for adoption at area shelters. It offers users a chart with a picture and basic information such as age, breed, color, and gender.

• Lots of shelters and rescue groups post pictures of adoptable animals on Craigslist. They’ll usually include a narrative about the pet, with information such as age, breed, and size. The site is also used to advertise weekend adoption shows, where potential adopters can meet several animals at once.