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Attack on the Street: What Was Your Worst Summer Job?

Welcome to our new Friday feature, Attack on the Street. We attack Washingtonians on the street (in a totally friendly way, of course!) and ask them our question of the week. This week, we wanted to know: What was the worst summer job you ever had? We got some fascinating responses (and some responses that make us thankful that our worst summer job was probably spent in front of a computer in an air-conditioned cubicle. Perspective is a wonderful thing). Check out the video, taken in Dupont Circle, below. And watch out: You could be the next one attacked. is everywhere.

Did you have a terrible, no-good summer job? We want to hear about it! Recount your tale in the comments below. 

Have a question you want to see asked on Attack on the Street? Send it to, or leave it in the comments below.

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