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Dating Diaries: Dating Disasters

In a dating slump? Frustrated by a string of bad dates? Buck up—you’re not alone. As applications for our new Dating Diaries feature keep rolling in, we thought we’d share some dating disasters. Here are some highlights.

* “I have been dating two guys.  I was out getting drinks with one of them when the other guy I’m dating happened to be at the same bar and sat down and joined us “for a drink”.  He wound up staying with us for a few hours.  Both of my ‘dates’ started arguing about politics and I was left sitting back rolling my eyes through the whole thing praying for it to be over.”

* “The last dating disaster was a long, long time ago in Vegas.  After dinner we went to a traveling amusement park and got on a ride that was dreadfully enclosed which twisted, flipped, and spun in all directions.  I got sick, had to drive her home, then proceeded to puke my brains out in her house for the next 20 minutes.  The smell filled the front of the house.  That was our very first date and the last!”

*The last dating disaster? Well, there was the guy who answered every question with one-word grunts. Longest. Dinner. Ever. Or the one who couldn’t make eye contact without giggling. Or the one whose ex-girlfriend hid in the bathroom of the restaurant and had words with me when I went to powder my nose. Then followed us to the parking lot screaming. That was fun.”

* “The last dating disaster would have to be my last date: the guy … proceeded to divulge personal information at a startlingly rapid pace. Within the first half hour, I had been informed of his massive ‘drug and attitude problem’ in high school, his stays in a mental institution and jail, and was not spared any detail concerning his main hobby outside work—competitive eating. I ate an appetizer and ordered another drink to stay a while and be nice, but every inch of me was itching to just run away. Especially when he told me he routinely eats 30 hotdogs in one sitting as ‘training’.”

* “My worst date ever involved a man who lived in his parents’ attic, curry-related gastrointestinal problems, and the word ‘popsicle’ uttered at what I guarantee you was the least fortunate moment possible. Can I stop talking about it now?”

* “It is a tie. On a second date, this guy told me how he recently had his car repossessed, right after talking about going back to school for his MBA!  The other was a ‘hey, let’s give him a second chance.’ Well, it was going okay until the kiss good night was out of Sex and the City where the guy mauls Charlotte’s face off.  I felt like a character out of Ghostbuster’s who had just been slimed.”

After all that, are you brave enough to keep dating? If you’re interested in sharing your dating adventures with us—or know someone who is—fill out the application and stay tuned.

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