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Dating Diaries: What a Catch!

Is it your sparkling smile, your mischievous wit, or your sex appeal? Based on the applications for our new Dating Diaries features, Washingtonians are quite the find. Here are some highlights of what makes some area residents a good catch.• “Hello?!? I am a woman and I love sports—isn’t that every guy’s dream?”

• “ I can hold my own with anyone. There are not too many guy habits that gross me out, and I am not averse to potty humor, thanks to my brother. I’m comfortable in my own skin and laugh at myself multiple times a day. On another note, I am a huge Kansas Jayhawks basketball fan!”

• “I’m a good catch because I believe I have my own life, which I love, and am not looking for someone to complete it but to enhance it. I do so many things that there’s never a dull moment. I have a great spirit about me. I think life is too short to stress about the small stuff, and you should enjoy and discover what life has to offer. “

• “The last girl I dated, although she didn’t feel ready to date anyone exclusively, said that I was ‘consistently considerate.’ I agree. A woman needs to know that there are guys out there who want to plan small dates, surprise you with your favorite candy, drive across town to bring you lunch, and open your door. I am honest, genuine, and very down to earth.”

• “Most people would say my dance moves—who could blame them?”

• “I triple-majored at Stanford, have an MBA from Wharton and a good paying job. Oh, wait—that’s what would make me a good catch if I were a man. Hmm. I’m a reasonably attractive, quick-witted, intelligent woman who is just as comfortable in jeans as she is in heels and a little black dress.”

• “Well, my female friends say it’s my humor, my very positive personality and outlook on life, my athletic ability, and my ability to listen. Of course, when you add up all these things, I end up with all these female ‘friends.’ Ugh!”

• “If I were sweet as pie, I would be of the Key-lime-pie family. I can be gentle and cute, but mostly I’m just green and tangy.”

Are you a dating catch? Fill out our Dating Diaries application and you could be featured in our series on DC dating!