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Washingtonian Favorites: Lindsay Czarniak

Every Thursday, we bring you interviews with noteworthy Washingtonians. This week, we catch up with Lindsay Czarniak, sports reporter for NBC4.

Photo courtesy of NBC4

Name:Lindsay Czarniak

Age: 30

Occupation: sports anchor/reporter

Hometown: Clifton, VA

Must have item at all times: Chapstick

Signature drink: Triple skim latte

Finish the sentence: When not working, you can find me…
…traveling or enjoying the city with friends – nothing like a good concert.

Washingtonian(s) you admire?
My parents, Katie Couric, Art Monk.

Favorite neighborhood in the city?
Dupont or U Street area.

Washington insider tip(s)?
The Java House on 17th is the place to be on weekend mornings.

Finish the sentence: Thinking about the Metro makes me…
…remember the time in high school we dared my friend Jessica to perform a song in front of the entire metro car. She did it and it was FANTASTIC!

Favorite museum: Madame Tussauds wax museum. Tiger Woods is there.

What would you change about DC?
I would move it a little closer to the beach.

As you answer these questions, what websites are open in your browser?
Good question,, google and “” (I just went to the Hootie concert.)

What’s your daily routine like?
Dictated by sporting events, which can be very cool but right now, Skins park all the time.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you while covering a story?
I fell on my butt while attempting to “curl” at the Olympics in Torino.. not necessarily crazy but at the time, pretty embarrassing. It ended up on “the Today Show.”

Celebrity athlete crush?
Come on, now… you know I can’t answer that.

What interview or story are you most proud of covering and why?
There are a lot that are special to me for very different reasons. The most recent story that meant a lot was talking to Redskins tight end Chris Cooley and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhart, Jr. together about their friendship and the different nuances of their sports. They both opened my eyes to a lot of things in the midst of it. The story that was the most challenging was covering the death of Sean Taylor. Inspirational, nothing tops George Mason’s Final Four run.

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