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All About Obama

Since Barack Obama first entered the political scene, we've been keeping an eye on him. Here's some of our coverage of the new president-elect from the past few years—and guesses as to what the next four could look like under him.

What If Obama Filled His Inner Circle With DC Outsiders?
One clear message President-elect Obama could send would be to appoint Cabinet officials who have never worked in Washington. Here is one way an outsider Cabinet could shape up. From December 2008.

Who'll Get the Big Jobs?
Will Kerry be Secretary of State? Who will Obama appoint as his Chief of Staff? We make our guesses. From October 2008.

The Legend of Barack Obama
From out of nowhere, he’s become DC’s brightest star. Will his charisma and sense of destiny propel him to the White House in 2008? From November 2006.

Chew on This: Tell us which restaurants the Obamas must dine at when they come to DC. 

Will Malia and Sasha Go to a DC Public School? No—the inside betting is on Maret. 

The Next Chapter of Obama From June 2008

Will Obama Kill Pleated Khakis?
Is Barack Obama the next DC fashion icon? He favors slim-cut suits and tapered ties in keeping with the new trends in men’s fashion. From May 2007.

Who Might be in an Obama Cabinet?
Obama has surrounded himself with strong and opinionated advisers, and odds are that his Cabinet appointments would be more than window-dressing. Here are our picks for who might make up his Cabinet. From May 2008.

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