Great Takeout: BlackSalt

This sleek seafood dining room is on our 100 Best Restaurants list, and we’re also big fans of the fish market that takes up the front of the place. Customers come from far beyond DC’s Palisades neighborhood to peruse just-flown-in seasonal gems such as Nantucket bay scallops, Copper River salmon, and Royal Red shrimp.

In the prepared-foods case, the virtually filler-free crab cakes ($7.99 each) are some of the area’s best, and the smoky salmon cakes ($3.99) are winners, too. (The spongy cod cakes taste like something you’d find at a British boarding school.)

Sides are less of a sure thing. Stick with the fabulous, bacony potato salad ($5.99 a pound), a trio of Japanese-style seaweed salads ($10.99 a pound), and the creamy shrimp rémoulade ($13.99 a pound), which makes an easy sandwich filler.

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