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Happy near-weekend, folks! There's tons and tons going on for this pre-Christmas weekend; get the scoop in our nightlife guide.  

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski was mugged outside of a DC hotel on her way to an interview with Mayor Fenty. The mugger walked away with six whole dollars. 

The reward has been increased for information in the shooting murder of a man at 11th and Q. 

WashCycle reports that DC has been named the #1 city for commuting by a recent study. To wit: "Washington, D.C. continues to lead the nation in this category, with the second-highest use of public transit at more than 37 percent. It also boasts the second highest walk-to-work rating (more than nine percent), and above-average bike-to-work ratings. More than seven percent of Washingtonians also carpool."

Dan Snyder, guest blogging?