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Luke Russert Wants YOU to Come to His Inaugural Party

Words do not begin to describe this image.

If NBC's Luke Russert looks a little out of it during the inaugural parade, it's because he was up all night drinking at the Rookery. Word just came across our desk that the newbie (er. . .wannabe?) pundit is throwing an inaugural bash.

We couldn't believe our eyes this morning when his invitation arrived in our in-box. The Photoshop job on the invitation alone warranted that we share it with the world. No, your computer's not tricking you—that's Russert's face on Uncle Sam's body. Seriously.

The party's being held at the Georgetown prepster spot the Rookery on January 18. It will include music by Old Man Brown and a deejay, plus hors d'oeuvres, and, of course, an open bar. The dress code: "jackets required." Doors open at 8.

Tickets are $95 for the first 50 sold. No word on what they'll jump to after that.

The invitation and party seem to continue Russert's slide away from serious journalism towards being an entertainment figure. Whereas he spent the fall on the campaign trail as a "real" reporter for NBC News, more recently he's been doing gigs like standing in Times Square on New Year's Eve "reporting" for Carson Daly.

Would any other network reporter throw himself such a self-indulgent party in the midst of a major news event like the inauguration? Not a chance, not even Chris Matthews. We're still waiting for our invite to David Gregory's "all you can drink" Meet the Press after-party. 

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