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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

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Happy near weekend, Washingtonians! Is your weekend as jam-packed as ours? It is inauguration weekend, after all. Or inaugurationpocalypse, as we've been calling it. In our heads. To prepare yourself, make sure to check out our full inauguration guide—and our Where & When Weekend: Epic Inauguration Edition nightlife guide

The New York Times has had some kind words for our fair city lately. There are a couple of good articles on the restaurant scene here, and what the Obama administration might mean for it. Then, they ranked us #2 on the places you must visit in 2009. We agree! Just remember—stand to the right on the Metro escalators. Thanks.

DCist reports that Mayor Fenty may be having trouble putting together his planned inaugural ball. 

We know that you're just dying to have your face on an Obama-style poster. Well, now the dream has come true with The web site takes a photo of you, and through some sort of internetty magic, transforms your photo into a Shepard Fairey-style image.

The City Paper has a great post on one of our worst nightmares—what do you actually do if you get stuck (like, really stuck) in between the closing doors of a Metro car? 

Who are the famous people who are going to be in town for the inauguration madness? ABC has a rundown of celebrities you might catch a glimpse of around the city in the next few days. 

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