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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

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Happy near-weekend, Washingtonians! Hopefully this one will be a more relaxing one than the last. Why not see what we've got planned for you in our weekend guide; start making winter Restaurant Week reservations; or scroll through our inaugural events coverage?  

Can you believe the crazy records that Metro broke over inauguration weekend? WTOP reports, "On Jan. 20, Metrorail carried 1,120,000 passengers, 423,000 bus riders and 1,721 MetroAccess riders for a total of 1,544,721 trips, the highest ridership day ever in the transit authority's history." All we can say is: Dang.

And apparently the official count of people who swarmed DC over inauguration: 1.8 million. That also elicits a "dang," even though it's far below the 4 million originally projected. Which elicits a "phew" from us. If 1.8 million people made things so crazy, can you imagine twice that in the city?  

Hillary Clinton was confirmed yesterday as the Secretary of State; also yesterday, Caroline Kennedy withdrew her bid for Clinton's New York Senate seat. 

Scary times for Virginia Tech students: a man fatally stabbed a woman on campus.  

And in not strictly Washington news, the Oscar nominations were released. Really? Benjamin Button with 13 nominations? Alright.  

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