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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Photo of the Exorcist stairs in Georgetown by Flickr user citranow

Happy Tuesday, Washington! Did you enjoy a long three-day weekend due to President's Day yesterday? We sure did (and sorry if you were checking here for content; we were busy lazing about with the computer shut off). To make it up to you, make sure to check out our 100 Best Restaurant countdown—we are oh so close to number 1. 

And don't forget to submit your photo to our February photo contest—the deadline is today at noon. 

Did you check out the awesome-sounding presidential cupcake exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery this past weekend? The concept? Basically gigantic portraits of Lincoln and Obama made out of cupcakes (which some lucky folks got to eat afterwards). If you didn't make it over, DCist has a photo gallery of the event.  

News for UDC students—the school is planning to phase in a tuition increase over the coming year.

We are so very tired of the continuing battle over NYC vs. DC, but apparently some people are not, including editor Alex Pareene, who for some reason felt it necessary to pen a piece on why Washington will "never be cool."  To which we say: whatevs.

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