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Photo Contest: Polls Close Tomorrow!

Check out the photos that made it to the finals, and vote for your favorite in our color photo contest. Polls close Saturday, February 28, at midnight.

NOTE: Reader voting is now closed. Scroll below to see the winner.  

We received 250 submissions in this month’s color-themed photo contest—everything from ducks and dogs to clowns, kids, and even a unicorn. Our intrepid team of judges assembled this afternoon to select five finalists.

Now it’s your turn to choose the winner. Scroll down to see our picks, then take the poll at the bottom to vote for your favorite. Reader voting will close February 28 at midnight. The photo with the most votes at that time will be declared the winner, and it’ll run in the April issue of The Washingtonian.

Remember, it’s only one vote per person, so choose wisely. And please, we ask that you play fair. If we see what seem to be irregularities in voting for a particular photograph, we reserve the right to disqualify it.

Good luck to our finalists, and happy voting, readers!

We selected only five finalists, but several other photos caught our eye. Click here to see the runners-up. You can also see all our past photo-contest winners here.

“Homeless” by Quentin Miles of Fort Belvoir

The brilliant colors in this picture blew us away. We also love the details captured on the man’s skin and beard.

“Bed Jumper” by Elise Benjamin of Gaithersburg

The photographer is the subject of this photograph—she set the self-timer on her camera to get the shot. “It was hard to time the jump,” she writes, “but I got it down after about five tries!”

“Lobby” by Chunae Zoh of Washington

We love when people see everyday objects in a new way—that’s why this photo stuck out to us. Having just one of the keys in focus was a great touch.

“The Playground” by Victoria Ressy of Alexandria

This photo was taken at Island Creek Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia. We just love the colors and patterns.

“Green on Green on Green” by Max Cook of Washington

Between the wall, the dress, and the small patch of grass, could these colors be more perfect? “The timing was pure luck!” writes the photographer.

Vote for your favorite!

Have something to say about these photos? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below! 

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