The Burger Brackets: Voting for the Best Burger in Washington

When it comes to burgers these days, anything goes. In restaurants, you’ll find patties both miniature and supersized topped with everything from house-made ketchup to foie gras. In celebration of all the burgers our area has to offer, and to coincide with March Madness, we thought we’d try to narrow down all the options to find the ultimate best burger in town. Hence the feature we’ll be rolling out tomorrow: the Burger Brackets.

We’ve picked 32 of our favorite burger spots, and every day through the rest of March, we’ll be pairing off their creations, two by two, and asking you to vote on which of them is the best. The winner of each face-off will move on to the next round, until, towards the end of the month, we’ll have our reader-voted best burger in Washington.

So check back tomorrow for our first installment of the Burger Brackets—and get ready to vote for your favorites!

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