Burger Brackets: Five Guys vs. Fuddruckers

Welcome to Burger Brackets, where we ask you to vote to discover the best burger in Washington. Today's face-off is...

Our first Burger Bracket. Our second bracket will debut next week.

Who makes the best burger in Washington? We're holding a March Madness-style, bracketed face-off to find out. Check back every day at 10 AM and 2 PM for continuing burger vs. burger competitions. And don't forget to vote for your favorites!

Yesterday, in our first-ever Burger Bracket face-off, Westend Bistro lost in a decisive match to Central, with Central garnering 61% of the vote. Now, we're going back to basics with two classic burger chains: Fuddruckers vs. Five Guys.

Who makes the better burger? Vote in the poll below, then leave your thoughts in the comments. And there's still time to vote in the BLT Steak vs. Charlie Palmer Steak burger face-off; that poll goes until 2 PM.

This Fuddruckers vs. Five Guys poll will remain open until 10 AM tomorrow, so make sure to vote early! Meanwhile, until 2 PM today, you can vote in the BLT Steak vs. Charlie Palmer Steak face-off.

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