Burger Brackets: Capital Grille vs. Clyde’s

Welcome to Burger Brackets, where we ask you to vote to discover the best burger in Washington. Today's face-off is...

Who makes the best burger in Washington? We're holding a March Madness-style, bracketed face-off to find out. Check back every day at 10 AM and 2 PM for continuing burger vs. burger competitions. And don't forget to vote for your favorites!

We have to admit, we thought the throngs of Whitlow-goers would make sure that that Arlington spot came out on top—but looks like EatBar's got its own fair share of fans, as it whizzed right past Whitlow's burger in yesterday's face-off.

Today's burger challenge? Check below.

Capital Grille: The Capital Grille's jumbo patty is formed from a mixture ground beef, minced bacon, and finely diced onions.

Clyde's: Inspired by a legendary Manhattan saloon called P.J. Clarke's, this Georgetown institution, which opened in 1963 as the first of the Clyde's chain, established the oversize hamburger as a staple of local upscale saloons.

Who makes the better burger? Vote in the poll below, then leave your thoughts in the comments. Then go and vote in the Harry's Tap Room Vs. J. Paul's burger face-off—that's open until 2 PM today.