Burger Brackets: Moving On To the Quarter-finals

With the elimination of several great burger spots (including one shocking upset) it's time to move on to the quarter-finals of the Burger Brackets.

Well, burger lovers, it's been a long, exciting, and sometimes torturous road since we first introduced the Burger Brackets to you. What have we discovered? People love Five Guys (not too much of a shocker, that), Elevation Burger apparently has a mailing list of epic proportions, and, perhaps most importantly, we learned the lesson that you can never take anything for granted—as, apparently, fans of Ray's Hell-Burger did. Widely expected to make it to the finals, if not win the entire thing, Ray's was knocked out unexpectedly today by Central's burger.

But no regrets! Moving on. We're down to the quarter-finals, the Edible Eight, the final spots competing for Washington-area burger dominance! Starting today, we'll only have one face-off per day that will stay open for 24 hours for voting. When we reach the finals, we'll keep that face-off open for close to a week for voting. But for now, let's move on to the first quarter-final burger match-up…

And as a reminder, you can keep tabs on all the Burger Brackets and browse through past ones here.

Five Guys: This local franchise chain just keeps marching ever forward. Every time they've been in a match-up, Five Guys fans, both local and national, rally to make sure they keep garnering more votes. Five Guys certainly has their detractors (a recent commenter said "Five Guys is really not that good, just cheap, and a cheap is not the same as good at all") but we wouldn't be surprised if they made it all the way into the finals.

BLT Steak: You may be surprised that a burger from a place that focuses on steak has made it this far, but try  the juicy $16 lunchtime burger, made from Black Angus beef and served on an old-school sesame bun, before you scoff.

Who makes the better burger? Vote in the poll below, then leave your thoughts in the comments. Then check back tomorrow at 2 PM for the next installment of the Burger Brackets.

Keep tabs on all the Burger Brackets here.