Burger Brackets: Elevation Burger vs. Central

With the elimination of several great burger spots, it's time to move on to the quarter-finals of the Burger Brackets. Today's face-off is...

We're still suffering from the aftershocks of two of the spots we thought would make it to the final being kicked out—Ray's Hell-Burger and Five Guys. They're as done as an overcooked burger patty (har, har). But we've still got some solid match-ups going on. Over the weekend, Chadwick's took down Harry's Tap Room; the day before that was the day the BLT Steak fan machine kicked into high gear and took down Five Guys.

We're just as excited for today's match-up between two burger joints that have proved themselves to have some of the strongest fan bases throughout this competition. Who are they? Check below to see, and to vote.

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Elevation Burger: This Falls Church burger joint, known for its organic burgers and olive oil-cooked fries, crushed (we repeat, crushed) its competition earlier in the brackets. Its devoted followers turned out in hordes, flooding our comments board, and we're anticipating a similar turnout this time…

Central: We're fans of Michel Richard's famed lobster burger, but don't ignore the beef patty at his French/American bistro: the $16 sandwich is less exotic, but it’s the burger of your fantasies, big and plump and dripping with juice. And Elevation fans should be intimidated—Central took down Ray's Hell-Burger, no easy feat.

Who makes the better burger? Vote in the poll below, spread the word to your friends, then leave your thoughts in the comments.  Voting for Elevation vs. Central will go until 2 PM tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24.


Keep tabs on all the Burger Brackets here.