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The Tweet Beat: Best Congressional Twitters of the Week

Just like the rest of us, Congressmen twitter. And as Congressmen, of course they are forthcoming and candid about the pressures of life in the corridors of power, rather than just trotting out huffy soundbites about their “outrage” over AIG bonuses and not being able to watch American Idol. Actually… not so much. But their tweets do range from the unintelligible to the bizarre. Here’s a roundup of this week’s best:
ChuckGrassley: Will b voting on budget in committee ths aftrnn. Hoping votes will be done so I can fly 2 ia 2nite.
Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa.

clairecmc: Took daughtr Lily over to White House last night for tour.Presidnt wasn’t home, checked out Oval Offce.No jelly beans,he has bowl of apples.
Senator Claire McCaskill, Missouri.

jaredpolis: just shook bill gates hand! pretty exciting day
Representative Jared Polis, Colorado.

IRL: Maya, our cong office dog, and I got an award tonite from humane society. Maya teaches me to be kind to animals and pass good bills for ‘em!
Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida.

jaredpolis: the west wing is gorgeous and the chief of staff has a great office.
Representative Jared Polis, Colorado.

RoyBlunt: Our leaders in the Missouri Federation of Republican Women are especially energized.
Representative Roy Blunt, Missouri.

markirk: Making progress, but still fighting the Red Coats at the Congressional Visitor’s Center.
Representative Mark Kirk, Illinois.

SenBillNelson: I had a great time joining President Obama for a call to the astronauts.
Senator Bill Nelson, Florida.

RepMaryFallin: gun grabbers are back.
Representative Mary Fallin, Oklahoma.

SenJohnMcCain: Dep attorney general says: $17-38 billion in illegal drugs trafficed into US last year.
Senator John McCain, Arizona.

MichaelCBurgess: I will investigate.
Representative Michael Burgess, Texas.

jasoninthehouse: New Cot-Side chat on my website.
Representative Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

IRL: Prez O says to me: “You’re Irish, Greek, Cuban: what’s going on here? Do u just crash every international party?” Pretty witty. Answer: yes!
Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida.

jasoninthehouse: Had to leave fancy dinner for 5 guys Burgers and Fries.
Representative Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

LEETERRYNE: The recent govt spending is like an out of control car on an icy highway and we all know how that is likely to end.
Representative Lee Terry, Nebraska.

DennyRehberg: Stop the presses! After almost 10 years, CSPAN has finally got my name right: ‘Denny’ like my friends call me! #tcot. Seniority has its perks.
Representative Denny Rehberg, Montana.

johnculberson: Good night all! (at 8.59 pm).
Representative John Culberson, Texas.

johnculberson: At least when Pelosi is naming post offices she is not spending money we don’t have and driving our children deeper into debt.
Representative John Culberson, Texas.

DarrellIssa: Back from Belgium. They make quite a waffle.
Representative Darrell Issa, California.

clairecmc: My taste in music covers the water :Motown,classicfolk,jazz jazz jazz, a little opera. a little classic,Sinatra and Buble,bluegrass,doo wop.
Senator Claire McCaskill, Missouri.