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The Tweet Beat: The Best Congressional Tweets of the Week

This week on the Tweet Beat: Chuck Grassley and Chellie Pingree share their brunch recommendations, Thaddeus McCotter suffers from fan fever when Bono enters the building, Jason Chaffetz gets inexplicably excited about signs and Marcia Fudge exercises her math skills. Worryingly, John Culberson keeps a “Lisa” in his garage, and there are a couple of shoutouts for everyone’s favorite libertarian. Not to forget the cherry “blosoms.”

SenChrisDodd: Happy to see that the US Mint has introduced the first coin with readable Braille.                                            
Senator Chris Dodd, Connecticut.


RepSteveIsrael: GOP rejects Obama budget and wants to do it their way. Like the captain of Titanic odering “back up and hit it again!”                                        
Representative Steve Israel, New York.

SenJohnMcCain: just finished up a meeting with General Petraeus on Afghanistan; one of the greatest generals of our time. 
Senator John McCain, Arizona.

SenBillNelson: Working with Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana today to help folks who got stuck with toxic drywall in their homes. We expect to file legislation. 
Senator Bill Nelson, Florida.

RepBillShuster: now has 235 followers on Twitter. This is really taking off!
Representative Bill Shuster, Pennsylvania.

virginiafoxx: On way to airport. Very windy. Very. Full day ahead 
Representative Virginia Foxx, North Carolina.

michaelcburgess: Rules, what a joke.
Representative Michael Burgess, Texas.

IRL:This sund morn I have gone to miami Jewish fed to help raise $ for needy and to deering seafood fest that raises $ for plmto bay cultrl arts
Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida.

chelliepingree: Did you turn your lights off for an hour? No big deal in Maine — we lose power often, but great symbolism and sign of future possibility
Representative Chellie Pingree, Maine.

ChuckGrassley: Next year go to Hudson Lions Club Chicken Supper Best evidence I stood in line 45min for seven$ meal. Very good
Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa.

chelliepingree: Great fish chowder today at Bond Brook Pancake House in Augusta….
Representative Chellie Pingree, Maine.

michaelcburgess: But I will always remember the name of my pediatrician.
Representative Michael Burgess, Texas.

michaelcburgess: Use the power that you have.
Representative Michael Burgess, Texas.

IRL: At miami women’s park with founder, roxcy bolton, and pioneer feminists. Started in ‘92 n now we have new pretty gates w/artwork. Grt park!
Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida.

ChuckGrassley: Matt Switzer of cedrFalls while I was at Lions Bfast sat morn. Told me he likes my Twitter
Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa.

SenChrisDodd: @clairecmc: How about a friendly wager on tomorrow’s Elite Eight game between my Huskies and your Tigers?
Senator Chris Dodd, Connecticut.

MaryBonoMack: Just gave a speech to the International Wood Products association. It was great to speak with a bunch of concerned small businesses. #fb
Representative Mary Bono Mack, California.

LeonardBoswell: The Cherry blosoms are nearly into full bloom. WOW, what a beautiful sight to behold! Mother Nature is a great Artist!
Representative Leonard Boswell, Iowa.

ThadMcCotter: Bono is incredibly versed in the issues regarding African relief!
Representative Thaddeus McCotter, Michigan.

ThadMcCotter: Walking to see Bono. Should I ask for my money back I spent on “Boy”?
Representative Thaddeus McCotter, Michigan.

cathymcmorris: I’m meeting with @paul_hewson aka Bono and other members to discuss Africa, debt relief and Malaria
Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Washington.

ThadMcCotter: I’m going to meet Bono in the Leader’s office. I wonder if Boehner knows Bono? Of course Boehner thinks U2 is still just a spy plane.
Representative Thaddeus McCotter, Michigan.

ThadMcCotter: It’s Fox News’ Brian Wilson! He’s reporting that Greg Gutfold took on a restraining order on me! C’est la vie!
Representative Thaddeus McCotter, Michigan.

johnculberson: Actually my 1st computer in 1985 was a portable KayPro CPM machine that used 5 1/4 floppies; I still have it in the garage alongside my Lisa
Representative John Culberson, Texas.

clairecmc: Our dinners with women in the Senate are terrific.Just us. Great conversations about everything from kids, to legislation, to silly stuff.
Senator Claire McCaskill, Missouri.

ChuckGrassley: Why has the Obamas made the White House less user friendly. The House has been open to tours til 1pm NOW it closes1030. Why inconvenince?
Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa.

RepShimkus: I am preparing to crown the Illinois State Society Cherry Blossom Princess.
Representative John Shimkus, Illinois.

DarrellIssa: Don’t you think President Obama could learn a lot from President Ronald Reagan?
Representative Darrell Issa, California.

RepPaulBrounMD: It may be April Fools Day, but the Obama Administration’s unaffordable budget is no joke. The American people demand and deserve better
Representative Paul Broun, Georgia.

mlfudge: I have 1,437 Twitter Followers. If just half would visit my site, donate I would be well over half way at my goal
Representative Marcia Fudge, Ohio.

RepShimkus: In Illinois delegation delegation luncheon.
Representative John Shimkus, Illinois.

michaelcburgess: I speak right after Ron Paul.
Representative Michael Burgess, Texas.

jasoninthehouse: I like signs. I look at signs. Signs are important. Where would we be without signs?
Representative Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

jasoninthehouse: Who would be against signs? Ron Paul? I bet even Ron is in favor of signs, but that is not in the Constitution.
Representative Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

jasoninthehouse: Signs for EVERY business!! As your Congressman, I want everyone in America, and throughout the world, to know I support signs!!!!
Representative Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

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